We have established a transport network across Japan based on experience and achievements obtained in more than 140 years since the establishment of the corporate group.
Responding to customers who say, "We want to review our transportation method, but it is difficult," we propose cost reduction on transportation by arranging the optimal transportation method.

Advance Trading provides efficient and economical door-to-door transportation services, ensuring legal compliance and quality maintenance for transport operations, by using various vehicles and facilities to respond to diversifying needs of customers, which includes the use of wing vans and flatbed trailer trucks and chassis with chilled and frozen units, as well as the use of the group network for new and used vehicle transportation services.

Physical distribution flow

1.ご依頼 2.お客様のニーズに合わせ最適なルートを選択 3.お届け先

List of handled cargo

Domestic general merchandise

Paper items
Household paper products
Disposal diapers
Rolls of printing pape
Waste paper
Food items
Foods (pallet containers)
Drinking water
Fruits and vegetables

Overseas cargo

Marine containers
Less than Container Load

Vehicles under operation

Wing Flatbed 40f 20f Trailer head
2-axis 3-axis 2-axis 3-axis
56 28 36 16 37 26 12
Wing 56
Flatbed 28
40f 2-axis 36
3-axis 16
20f 2-axis 37
3-axis 26
Trailer head 12

※Numbers include those of owned and leased chassis.

  • Flatbed trailer

    Flatbed trailer truck (1)

    Capable of transporting steel materials and coils.

  • Flatbed trailer

    Flatbed trailer truck (2)

    Capable of meeting special transportation demands such as transporting large-size cargo.

  • Refrigerated chassis

    Refrigerated chassis

    Capable of transporting frozen and refrigerated cargo.

  • Wing vans

    Wing vans

    Capable of transporting cargo in containers.

To handle and transport customers’ valuable goods,
all of our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety performance devices as a standard feature.

ship safety map

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