Advance Trading offers sea transportation plans to meet customer requests.

We have a system developed to respond to the various needs of customers using our domestic vessels; for example, providing sea transportation for any form of cargo, including large cranes not permitted to be transported on general roads.
We can also respond to the needs of customers regardless of the weight, form, or nature of the cargo, as well as the destination, using our sea transportation services, which are economical and most effective for global environmental protection.

Physical distribution flow

  1. 1.previous arrangement
  2. 2.keep
  3. 3.transport
  4. 4.destination

Our own ships and vessels

The coastal shipping department safely transports cargo to a destination from the base point, Takamatsu Port, by coastal sea shipment considering the environment, such as the form of pier, type of packing of cargo and loading weight, by leveraging our experience.

We safely transport customers' valuable goods.

We safely transport customers' valuable goods.

Details of our ships

Name of ship Yamaichi
Distinctive number for domestic ships 500090
Length overall 16.20m
Molded breadth 5.40m
Molded depth 1.95m
Full load draft 1.50m
Fore draft 1.20m
After draft 2.50m
Maximum speed 11.50kn
Service speed 8.5kn(set navigation)
Name of ship Yamayoshi
Distinctive number for domestic ships 500076
Length overall 48.00m
Molded breadth 13.00m
Molded depth 3.0m
Full load draft 2.70m

Do you face any of the following challenges?

  • • We are looking for a carrier to undertake the entire series of transportation operations for heavy cargo and the transportation of plant equipment.
  • • We are looking for a carrier which offers transportation services for plant manufacturing equipment with an emphasis on cost and safety while ensuring on-time delivery.
Advance Trading offers an optimal, low-cost transportation method.
We will determine the optimal low-cost transportation method for manufacturing equipment depending on the weight, size and nature. We also strictly adhere to customer delivery requirements and schedules by coordinating the destination schedule.
Advance Trading will undertake the entire series of transportation operations!
Outsourcing a large volume of troublesome operations allows you to focus on your core business. We will contribute to the streamlining of your business and the effective use of your human resources.

Achievements in transportation of plant equipment

In the transportation of large cranes for export and plants (precision instruments and food manufacturing instruments), Advance Trading offers comprehensive transportation operations ranging from shipment in Japan (packing, domestic transportation, customs clearance and shipment) to operations at the destination (unloading, customs clearance, land transportation and installation work).